Lion Dance Singapore – Efficiency of the practice

The lion dance is a pugilistic efficiency going back to more than 1,500 years. Its performance throughout auspicious occasions, such as the launch of new businesses as well as stores, is thought to bring good luck and wealth. According to legend, on the eve of every CNY, an unidentified pet would ruin the fields, plants as well as pets coming from the farmers of a village in China. The citizens cannot identify the beast and also called it Nina, which pertained to mean year in Chinese. To put a stop to the ravaging, the villagers made a design of the animal out of bamboo and paper, which was controlled by 2 males, come with by the loud beating of instruments. Inning accordance with another variation of this legend, the citizens made a version of a lion out of bamboo and fabric after uncovering that Nina was afraid of lions, and accompanied it with the loud whipping of pots as well as pans. They awaited Nina on the eve of CNY, and did well in owning it away. Henceforth, the lion dance was carried out yearly on CNY with drums, cymbals as well as gongs. Nowadays, the Lion Dance Singapore is carried out not just during CNY, yet also for opening events, inviting of important individuals and also various other advantageous events.

Scholarship Awards from Lion Dance Singapore

Inning accordance with another tale, Emperor Went from the province of Tune [throughout the North as well as South Dynasties 420- 589 CE] got Tan He, the governor of Jiao Zhou, to attack the region of Lin-yes. Tan He was in a problem as to exactly how his military can beat the strong military of Lin-yes’s ruler Follower Yan, whose soldiers were equipped with long spears as well as rode on elephants. In contrast, Tan He’s soldiers were much less well-armed and had no elephants or various other pets to ride on. He then generated a great strategy: he would certainly dress his guys with fabric and also rope to appear like monstrous lions to terrify the elephants. The strategy worked and also from then on, the lion dance was performed in the armed forces, progressively entering into private life.

The dance needs two persons, one to adjust the papier-mâché head of the lion, as well as another to act as its hind legs; both are signed up with by a colorful towel body. The lion head, evaluating about 2 kg as well as setting you back roughly S$ 1,000, is usually embellished with a red bow on its horn, silk pom-poms and bells. The fur trimming around the head is commonly made from sheepskin or rabbit hair, never ever artificial product. Frequently the lion is led or teased by a big-headed doll. Apart from magnificent acrobatic positions by the lion, the performers’ synchronization in bringing life-like activities to the lion includes in the success of the dance. A troupe of artists comes with the lion dancers, playing cymbals, gongs and drums. Every motion, from the lifting of a leg to the fluttering of an eyelid, is choreographed to a particular beat in the music.


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